The Alpha is primarily aimed at hurdy-gurdy beginners, but also at experienced players who value good playability and a warm, full sound.
Despite its compact design, the Alpha already comes with plenty of features in its basic version:
In addition to a adjustable chanterelle bridge, metal tangents, adjustable drone bridges and maschine heads, it is already equipped with a capo that allows you to play in other keys.
If you like your instrument more colorful, you can chose your favorite color. Last but not least, I also offer a built-in pickup for the Alpha.

Wood is a natural product. The actual color may vary.

Request your Alpha now:

    Color of the body: natural (maple and spruce). Different colors available for an additional charge.
    Type of wood for the tangent box lid, bars and crank knob: nut, plum or cherry of your choice.

    Weight and dimensions:

    – ca. 2,5 kg
    – 55x22x19 cm (length x width x height)
    – scale length: 34,5cm

    Basic equipment:

    – 2 melody strings(G/g)
    – 2 drone strings (G / C)
    – 1 trompette string (C) incl. capo for tuning to D
    – Adjustable chanterelle bridge
    – metal tangents
    – security locks
    – adjustable drones
    – Machine heads
    – Equipment (cotton, liquid rosin, battery, screwdriver, allen key)

    Base price 1800€

    Wood type of tangent box lid, bars, crank knob:


    Capo (90€ each):

    If you pick up your gurdy in Nuremberg, Germany a 60-minutes workshop is included.