Custom-made cases

We offer a custom-made case to match your Alpha or eXperior. In addition to ensuring the instruments fit perfectly, we have equipped the cases with an additional compartment that provides enough space for your strap and other accessories.

Whether on your back, quickly slung over your shoulder or by hand – we have thought of all possible ways of carrying it!

Specially developed for the eXperior

The removable, battery-operated amplifier allows you to make amplified music anytime, anywhere. At home, you can simply switch to network operation. We will of course supply you with a jack cable, batteries and a power supply.

– Dimensions: 80x37x28cm

– Weight of case: approx. 3.8kg

– Weight of amplifier: approx. 700g


– with removable amplifier: €550

– without amplifier: €470

Custom-made bag (Alpha)

If you prefer the lighter option, choose our bag! Like the cases, our bags are equipped with extensive carrying systems. Of course, there is also a compartment for accessories, sheet music, etc.

Price: 150€

Three-point belts

Our three-point belts can be flexibly adjusted to all lengths to suit you and your hurdy-gurdy. If you wish, the belts can also be equipped with security locks, which ensure additional support when playing. When you order an eXperior, a simple two-point belt is included as standard. If you would like to order a three-point belt, write us an email or select it together with your eXperior under “Request”.

By the way: Our three-point belts are also suitable for any other hurdy-gurdy.

Up to 100 cm waist circumference! Please request any deviations.

Effect board (without effects)

To match your eXperior, our effect board offers space for up to three pedals (depending on the dimensions of the devices). And so that you don’t need an additional bag, we have chosen the size so that it fits perfectly in your eXperior case.

Of course, you can also connect the effect board to your Alpha (provided you have chosen a built-in pickup) or to any other hurdy-gurdy.

Basic price: €50

Also available with effects (on request)

Handcrafted cranks

Our eXperior crank knobs made of ebony have double ball bearings, are completely free of rotational noise and offer the highest level of playing comfort. The corresponding S-crank made of polished stainless steel can be screwed onto any hurdy-gurdy with an M6 thread.

Price: 110€

We only use metal tangents for our instruments so that we can tune and adjust our instruments as best as possible.
If you are interested in equipping your hurdy-gurdy with metal tangents, just contact us.

Price: On request