eXperior cherry

eXperior ash tree

eXperior nut

eXperior played by Matthias Loibner 2023
eXperior played by Harald Bauweraerts part 1
eXperior played by Harald Bauweraerts part 2

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Request for your eXperior

    Wood is a natural product. The actual color may vary.

    Weight and dimensions:

    – ca. 4,5 kg
    – 73x27x23 cm (length x width x height)
    – scale length: 34,5cm

    Basic equipment:

    – 3 melody strings
    – 2 trompetts
    – 2 drones
    – Adjustable chanterelle bridge
    – Security Locks
    – Standard-belt (two-point)
    – Machine heads
    – Equipment (cotton, liquid rosin, battery, screwdriver, allen key)

    Base price 5900 €


    Capo (90 €/piece):

    Without caposTrompette capo c to dTrompette capo g to aDrone capo c to dDrone capo g to a

    Jack plugMulticore plug (550€)


    Three-point belt (70 €)

    Case with removeable amplifier (550 €)Case without removeable amplifier (470 €)Without case


    – Dimensions: 80x37x28 cm
    – Weight: ca. 3,8 kg
    – Compartment for equipment
    – Removeable amplifier NUX, jack cable, battery and power adapter

    If you pick up your gurdy in Nuremberg, Germany a 60-minutes workshop is included.