About me

Welcome to my website! My name is Alex Zwingmann. I’ve been playing the hurdy-gurdy since 2009 and was able to gain a lot of experience with this great instrument on stage, at workshops and in the studio. My enthusiasm for the hurdy-gurdy has increased over the years. Today, I have been giving classes in my hometown Nuremberg for many years and give workshops at courses, medieval markets and festivals.
In 2018 I had the first idea to build a hurdy-gurdy myself. Since I usually came home late from work, it was seldom possible to play the hurdy-gurdy in my apartment. So the idea arose to build an instrument that is quiet enough to be able to play at any time of day or night.
To me, it was very important to take the time to implement even the smallest details on the instrument in the best possible way. In addition to simple handling and generous equipment, my focus was on the most natural sound possible. Even during the planning phase, I kept discussing my plans with befriended hurdy-gurdy players and incorporated their feedback into the construction of the eXperior. The contact with other players and their opinions is still very important to me and I look forward to any feedback on my instruments.